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I have expressed my ideas through the visual arts for most of my life. I have been an art educator for many years, teaching drawing, painting, and photography to students in preschool through twelfth grades, including various summer and after-school programs. I believe all humans should have the space and support to create and express themselves through art, and I stand for equity in arts education. 

Over the last two decades, I have also worked intermittently in Bosnia-Hercegovina, and co-founded “From the Bay to the Balkans,” a summer service-learning program based in Sarajevo. Art, sports, and cooperative games were key components of the program that encouraged inclusivity, connectivity, and conflict study. 

I am a member of the San Francisco Women Artists collective and Art Works Downtown in San Rafael. I live in Fairfax, California with my family and dog.  

All artwork is for sale unless otherwise noted. Prices available upon request; payment will be processed through verified accounts only. Please contact the artist for more information. 

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