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glimpsing the hidden

My artwork is a response to personal experiences as well as current events that shape our collective human narrative. When we allow ourselves to glimpse the unfamiliar, we can find connections and compassion towards others.


Many of my paintings depict the secrets one carries for a lifetime, collective experiences of grief, or the expectation of change, leading to a new unknown. I am intrigued by layers of color and light in landscapes, monochromatic ocean waters, and the convergence of lines and shapes in nature. 


I often photograph the discarded and dilapidated artifacts scattered along city streets; the graffiti and messages left by strangers; the shadows projected upon crumbled walls. Similarly, I examine tiny tactile surfaces evocative of landscapes, the miniature worlds in water droplets, or abstract compositions of intersecting tree branches. The photo montages capture dreams by evoking places or moods without commanding a singular definition of reality.

Wait/Self Portrait
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