glimpsing the hidden

I am interested in uncovering hidden worlds that exist just outside of our consciousness. By revealing the “unseen”, I hope to pair the tangible and familiar with dreamlike images. I attempt to explore the anxiety that stems from inequity, violence, and fear that leads to isolation during these challenging times. 


I often collect seedpods for inspiration; many of my paintings depict life within life or the secrets one carries for a lifetime. I am intrigued by layers of color and light in landscapes, monochromatic ocean waters, and the convergence of lines and forms in nature. I also explore the human condition when unexpected events shatter lives, leaving people exposed and vulnerable. 


Photography is about vigilant observation. I photograph the discarded and dilapidated artifacts scattered along city streets; the graffiti and messages left by strangers; the shadows projected upon crumbled surfaces. Similarly, I examine tiny tactile surfaces evocative of landscapes, the miniature worlds in water droplets, or abstract compositions of intersecting tree branches. The photo montages capture the individual, yet universal, experiences of dreams by evoking places or objects without commanding a singular definition of reality.


While I rely on observation of the natural world and found objects for inspiration, I am influenced by the works of Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Imogene Cunningham, Paul Strand, and William Eggleston.


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